• Instant electronic management of PA child abuse clearance documents

    Clear Check is an online service that allows organizations to manage and automate Pennsylvania Child Abuse Clearance Documentation. We help you gather, process and organize clearance documents for volunteers and paid staff. Protect the children of your community and become compliant with the law in minutes.

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Stay Informed! Get updates on the latest Pennsylvania child abuse clearance requirements:

Your e-mail will only be used to keep you informed and will not be shared. We send updates approximately 4 times a year.

We gather each volunteer's documents so you don't have to.

Our simple system guides each adult participant through providing the documents they need.

Email Integration

Simply provide Clear Check with your participant email list and we'll notify everyone instantly. Any format will do, we will handle it for you.

Secure Process

Each recipient receives a unique code and special link to provide their clearance documentation electronically. No more folders of paperwork.

Easy & Self Service

A step-by-step interface shows each participant how to obtain their clearances and guides them through uploading the documentation.

Instant Compliance

Get compliant with PA state law in days instead of weeks and months. Instantly view everyone who has completed the steps.

Reduce paperwork, save time, and become compliant.

Clear Check was built by organizations struggling with the same process that you are.

Easy Document Gathering

The heart of the Clear Check system is an easy-to-use website allowing each adult participant, paid or volunteer, to submit the required documentation. Each step links them to the proper agency for obtaining the documentation, then provides a convenient way to upload the resulting file. No more photocopied print outs.

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Simple Review & Compliance

Pennsylvania law requires every organization to keep clearance documents on file for every adult who has contact with children. Do you know where your documents are? Are you certain that all your adults have passed the clearance process? Our simple interface shows you exactly who has been cleared and who has not.

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Get Started Now

The law requires organizations to have child abuse clearances from all adults that have contact with children. Clear Check can have your customized website up and running right away. You can begin gathering documents immediately and ensure your organization is compliant with the law quickly and painlessly.


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Get compliant in days for minimal cost

Clear Check was built with non-profit budgets in mind. Let us handle the compliance logistics. We can help get your organization legally compliant quickly, ensuring each child's protection.

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All plans come with a 14 day free trial. To get started select a plan below.


$199 /year

  • Up to 50 participants
  • Customized Website

  • Secure Document Archive

  • Instant Compliance


$399 /year

  • Up to 100 participants
  • Customized Website

  • Secure Document Archive

  • Instant Compliance


$699 /year

  • Up to 1000 participants
  • Customized Website

  • Secure Document Archive

  • Instant Compliance

We Manage

$1199+ /year

  • All Features
  • Our Team Inspects and Verifys Documents
  • We notify you when issues arise
  • Download Custom Reports

After 14 days, your card will be charged at the yearly rate above. Cancel anytime before the free trial period ends.

If you have a large list of initial users, contact us and we can load them for you.

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  What is this?

We are an online service that allows organizations to organize, manage, and automate Pennsylvania Child Abuse Clearances online. In order to comply with Pennsylvania law, ALL organizations who interact with children must maintain special paperwork for their employees and volunteers. PA organizations of all sizes use our service to manage this process.

  How secure and safe is this?

Clear Check uses Amazon Web Services to store your documents. They are backed up and encrypted. Storing your documents electronically is more secure than leaving folders of paperwork with personal data in your car, on your desk, or in your garage.

  Can I customize it?

Each organization gets a customized website with a unique URL. We can even include your logo on every page to help participants identify you.

  Does it work on mobile?

Yes! Participants can use their mobile phone to answer the compliance questions and even photograph and upload documents anywhere at anytime.

  Is this just for PA?

Although designed for Pennsylvania laws, we can customize Clear Check for other states. Email us and let's talk about your state's requirements.

  We have unique needs.

Clear Check can be customized for your unique situation. Do you have custom documents or special legal requirements specific to your organization? Email us! We'd be thrilled to help.